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Custom Pallets - Pallet Tops - Skids - Hardwood - Softwood - New - Recycled - Plastic Pallets
New Pallets:

At RITEWAY PALLET MANUFACTURING our new pallets are made from two basic types of lumber: hardwood or softwood.  With the equipment currently on hand, we can build new and custom pallets from scratch.  Pallets are manufactured using 100% virgin lumber and built to your specifications.

Used Pallets:

RITEWAY PALLET MANUFACTURING has a wide range of recycled and reconditioned pallets available.  The standard size is the 48x40 4 way entry pallet.  This reconditioned pallet is available in several grades at several price ranges.  We also inventory a wide variety of other sizes and grades of pallets.  Non-Standard and un-repairable pallets are run through dismantling machines where all salvageable wood is removed, inspected and re-cut for reuse.  We transform used pallets into high quality-recycled products.  As well as stripping and disassembling old pallets to recover all the reusable lumber to build recycled pallets.  The recovery and re-use of these materials provides a valuable environmental service by saving valuable natural resources. 

Scrap lumber and saw dust are recovered with a saw dust recovery system that captures the dust from all related machinery.

Plastic Pallets:

We also sell recycled plastic pallets that are nestable, stackable and rackable.

Crates :

RITEWAY PALLET MANUFACTURING builds wooden crates of any size and specifications.  Our crates can be made from hardwood, softwood and plywood and can also be heat treated for international export.

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