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Heat-Treated Pallets & Wood Containers:
The international export standard, ISPM-15, requires that all wood packaging material be heat-treated to a core temperature of 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes.  All wood packaging material, regardless of species (hardwoods and softwoods), must be heat-treated to meet ISPM-15 standard of Universals heat treated products will carry the PRLs official heat-treated mark, signifying that our heat-treated wood packaging material is ISPM-15 compliant.  This will ensure that all shipments will be accepted into any country abiding by these regulations.
ISPM 15 Treatment Requirements:
The PRL edict, known as ISPM-15, gives wood packaging manufacturers the option of heat treatment, requiring that the wood core temperature reaches a minimum of 56 degrees Centigrade (132.8), for 30 minutes. All ISPM-15 compliant wood is then stamped with an approved mark signifying that it meets the ISPM-15 standards.

RITEWAY PALLET MANUFACTURING purchases certain sizes of used pallets. 

The customer may bring them to our yard or we can schedule pick ups at their location.  We also handle drop and hook trailer arrangements.


At RITEWAY PALLET MANUFACTURING we have the tractors and trailers to cover deliveries in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona.  We also handle drop and hook trailer arrangements.

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